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A Sustainable Stay

Eco-Friendly Denver Hotel

Go green at our Denver hotel

When you’re a mile high like we are in Denver, you really notice the air quality — and that’s just one of the reasons we’re dedicated to being a sustainable hotel. We understand that we all have a role to play in protecting our planet, and we’re doing our part with the green hotel initiatives below.

hands holding a bowl of tomatoes

Farm Fresh

We source nearby farms and other food purveyors to reduce the carbon emissions of long-haul travel and to support our local economy. The bonus to you, our guest, is incredibly fresh cuisine. Sustainable wines will also be served during hour 5pm wine hour.

electric vehicle charging

Spark Your Ride

Electric vehicle charging stations are available for guests — including Tesla Level 2 Chargers and Universal Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers.

atelier bloem bottles

Better by Volume

Every bathroom uses large, refillable shampoo, conditioner and shower gel amenities by Atelier Bloem, eliminating the disposal of small plastic bottles. Love the products? Have a bottle or a set delivered to your doorstep.

kimpton claret guest bath

Go with the Flow

All faucets, shower heads and toilets utilize low flow water systems to help conserve water usage.

hand holding spray bottle

Green is Clean

We use non-toxic in-room cleaning supplies, low VOC paint, sealants, and stains throughout our hotel.

eco-friendly utensils

Just Say "No" to Straws

To help curb plastic pollution, our restaurants and bars will be straw free.